Tin Plate in Conyers

This place is really cool and gives variety to Conyers. Not many place have craft beers and good food….like maybe two. I’m not going to lie I messed up and ate all my food before I could snap some pictures but that also means none of those calories counted. Boom. Life lesson.

Also this is mainly a beer blog……

Looks like today they were doing a scofflaw take over with some wicked weed. Two of my favorite breweries even though Wicked Weed disappointed us this past year….mm you know what you did.

Tried about 6 beers just want this to be known that 3 of those suckers came in cute little glasses aka counts as only 1. Today I will tell you about two beers….we know good and well if you are searching for a beer ya ass is not going to read about 6 beers.


6.0 Milk Stout by Scofflaw, I’m going to take a lucky guess and say the ABV is 6% – New Scofflaw beer (Has lactose in it)

Appearance: Dark chocolate brown with a light brown head.

Smell: Sweet chocolate ….of course

Taste:  Sweet milk chocolate with low bitterness. In my head I’m comparing this too terrapin moo-hoo and I’m not going to lie, Scofflaw won the competition of making a beer taste like a yoo-hoo.

Mouthfeel: looks like it’s going to be thick and heavy but medium body with no carbonation.IMG_3514.JPG



French Toast Imperial Stout by Wicked Weed ABV 8.4% (you can guess another tiny glass)

Appearance: Dark brown with a tan head

Smell: Sweet bread, chocolate and vanilla maybe a little bit of maple

Taste: Cinnamon sugar with chocolate malt and vanilla. If you are hoping this beer taste exactly like french toast you will be dissappointed because its still beer.

Mouthfeel: Full body with medium carbonation.

Wee glass


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