Beer Review, stout

Coffee Dino S’mores By Off Color

Coffee Dino s’mores 10.5% Stout brewed with cocoa nibs, coffee and other natural flavors.   Appearance: Deep brown body looks almost most stouts. With a tan head that doesn’t last long. Smell:  Coffee and marshmallow. Kind of like those circus peanuts I use to eat as a kid. The best mf candy every. Taste:… Continue reading Coffee Dino S’mores By Off Color

Beer Review, Double IPA

Journey Without Maps

Journey without maps....this beer sounds deep but it’s not.  I’m enjoying all the new Red Brick beers though I have to admit that their dark beers are all on point. 👌🏻  This DIPA is just a nice double dry hopped beer. Journey Without Maps Double IPA -8.3% by Red Brick Brewing Appearance - Deep orange… Continue reading Journey Without Maps

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Red Brick Brewery

Last time I was at Red Brick was about 4 years ago and I had way too much fun/beer. You know its time to take a break when you end your night puking on the Expressway. Red Brick has really changed in the past four years but in a great way. Not only do they… Continue reading Red Brick Brewery

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Table for One by Red Brick Brewery

Red brick released a wonderful beer for all you lonely af people on Valentine's Day....just kidding it was for everyone, don't be so selfish. "Table For One" Barrel Aged Chocolate Cherry Imperial Porter - ABV 8% *No Lactose* Appearance: Dark chocolate brown with a tan head that holds for a little bit. Smell: Chocolate, sweet… Continue reading Table for One by Red Brick Brewery